The New World

It’s been almost 2yrs.
I can only see my teacher’s face
On my handphone screen
To seek education without a doubt

I feel bored, but it’s not only me
Probably most of the people feel the same

And because of this Corona Virus
That attack without warning
A virus so small cannot be seen
By the naked eye

The world stops
All activities where on hold
I feel I cannot do this
I can only wait and see
Don’t know till when?

I miss school
I miss my friends
I miss my teachers
I miss them all!
All the silly things we do
And how we laugh about it

At 8am I am ready again
With my handphone in front of me
Ready to learn with my friends
To see them again thru a zoom meeting
Thank GOD we are all safe!

I can only pray and hope
That this thing will end
so, I can go back to my school
Without fear in my heart.